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There is No Such Thing as Logarithmic Progression

Have you heard of linear progression? Read Starting Strength? Maybe you have seen the chart in The Science and Practice of Strength Training or read elsewhere that long term strength gains over time are logarithmic. Today, thanks to the massive Oly Stats database, we have a model for weightlifting performance over time...and it is not logarithmic. The analysis laid out in this blog post will provide two equations, one for each sex, that describe performance over time. For you stats nerds out there, this is an initial study to provide a descriptive model, not a predictive one. Further studies will dive more deeply into the data.

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Posted on 2013 Mar 19 by admin

An Overview Of US Totals

Welcome to the first Oly Stats blog post. This blog will attempt to analyze weightlifting results in a way that will be understandable to those without a background in statistics, with enough tables and charts for further analysis by those who want to dive deeper. These posts should help to shed light on weightlifting performance at all levels.


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Posted on 2013 Mar 10 by admin
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